Apply for Canada FSW PR VISA - Dreaming of Canadian Greencard ? Get the Family PR VISA through Express Entry System : Get official Government Work-permit under Federal Skilled Migration Program (Complete Guidance from OM International)

Are you dreaming for family settlement in Canada / North America ? Are you aware of various benefits that Canadian Government offers? Do you know Canada is one of the most Safest, pollution free country, world class education, leading economy that can offer you better lifestyle and good career opportunities with Permanent Resident VISA to settle with your family.

Migrating to Canada is Everyone's dream here in India. We are one of the leading consultancy company providing advisory services for the same. Canada is one of the world's best and ideal immigration destinations with over 250,000 new arrivals in Canada every year. Deciding to immigrate to Canada is a very important decision and it must be planned with proper assessment and supported with the best documentation. Canada is second largest country in the world and almost covers three times the area of India. Using our ICCRC Authorized Canadian immigration lawyer can play an important role in obtaining your Canadian visa and starting a new life.

Most applicants want to obtain permanent residency so that they can eventually obtain citizenship and a Canadian passport. There are many different Canadian immigration programs under which a person can apply to become a Canada permanent resident.

Once an application is submitted and approved and the foreign national obtains their Canada permanent resident visa, they can immigrate to Canada with family and then they will have almost the same rights as Canadian citizens except to hold public office, join the military and vote. Canada permanent residents are entitled to healthcare, establish their residence and work in any Canadian province, protection under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and to apply for Canadian citizenship once the requirements have been met.
Becoming a Canada permanent resident is a privilege. There are many options to permanent residence and sometimes choosing the right path may not be that simple. 
All new Canadian permanent residents are required to spend two years of every five year period in Canada. If, at a port of entry or at a Canadian visa office an officer is concerned that a Canada permanent resident has not fulfilled their residency obligation, they can count back five years to verify that the Canada permanent resident spent at least 730 days in Canada.
Immigration to Canada based on the skilled worker category, is a very popular visa programme and is intended for people with high levels of skills and experience. Just as importantly, 40 percent of the annual immigration to Canada is under the family reunion and refugee programs. Moving to Canada is easy with 15 years of Immigration VISA consultancy experience of OM International.

It may seem like a simple choice but if you want to Immigrate to Canada there are many different ways to apply.That is where OM International can help you make the best choices and lead you to the right path in your quest for permanent residency in Canada.

There are several different Immigration Programs and ways to apply for Permanent Residence and OM International will help you choose the Program that will work best for you and your family. We will ensure the best immigration assessment under the Program of choice and will advise and eliminate any element of confusion which many times arises due to complex immigration rules to be followed and criteria that must be met to qualify.

We have outlined the various categories that may lead to permanent residence below.

Permanent Immigration Visa Programs

FederalSkilled Worker’s are assessed upon their likelihood of becoming economically established in Canada and requires qualifying under the latest CRS criteria under the Express Entry System. We are have attached a link to download the completeguide to Canada Express Entry System which covers the details regarding the Express entry points calculation under the Comprehensive Ranking System, Processing time and fees, VISA application fees, Document requirements, English Requirements – CLB criteria and a complete process flow chart describing the entire PR Visa filing process.

 Express EntryCRS Calculator: Calculate Your Points for Canadian Immigration Express Entry Pool, just check details in our guide. Since Express Entry launch date on January 1, 2015 and first draw from the pool on 31st Jan 2015, largest no. of invitations were issued in March draw with whopping 1637 invitations given in single draw, as of now minimum CRS points required were 429 points in April 15th draw. The key mantra for selection is elevate your profile, get the best IELTS scores and try your level best to get the ESDC approved arranged employment offer (AEO) which is now called as LMIA – Labour Market Impact Assessment which can yield you straight 600 points more to your existing scores and thus almost sure selection in express entry system to get the Canada Immigration Visa

Express Entry is the new selection system for Canadian immigration, designed to select skilled workers either professionals or trade persons for Economic development Canada. Express Entry is a completely electronic process involving the federal government, provincial governments, and Canadian employers and international skilled / trade workers to come and join the Canadian workforce and become responsible and economical sound future citizens of Canada.

Express Entry is a route to Canadian citizenship after getting the Permanent Residency. For a country like India, where we have substantial manpower with superb skills in various demographic requirements of Canadian Economy, Canada Government has created a unique express entry system for federal skilled worker - FSW and federal skilled trade worker – FSTW category. OM International has created an Express Entry Assessment guide for any layman with key points.

Provincial Nomination Program (PNP): Various Provinces (states) select applicants who are interested in living in their province and will contribute to its economic development by either investing or working in that province. In this new Express entry program, this PNP is almost merged with the Express Entry System and one can apply directly through the Electronic online system that CIC provides for various PNP programs and it has now become hassle free.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC): is for foreign workers and international graduates who are in Canada on a temporary basis and wish to become Permanent Residents. Canadian education and work experience are key selection factors and it is mainly meant to facilitate the overseas students living and working in Canada after completion of their studies.

Family Sponsorship: OM International can help you in re-uniting families. If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident who wishes to sponsor a close relative from abroad such as your spouse, partner, parent or dependent child, we can help! Contact us and we will represent and advise you from start to finish.
Business Class: This program is created to welcome various investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals from outside Canada who have substantial net-worth and strong business skills to develop new commercial opportunities and to venture into international markets.

Canadian Temporary Work VISA

Annually around 250,000 foreign skilled workers come to work in Canada on Temporary Work Permits to complete the need of Canadian Economy. To work in Canada on a temporary basis, foreign skilled workers must have a temporary offer of employment from a Canadian employer and be granted a Temporary Work Permit by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). There are several steps to this process.

o    Step 1: Employer applies for a Labour Market Impact Assessment - LMIA, if necessaryo    Step 2: Employer extends Temporary Job Offero    Step 3: Foreign Skilled Worker applies for Work Permito    Step 4: Work Permit is issued

Depending upon the foreign worker's country of citizenship, a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) may also need to be obtained in order to enter Canada.

Are you having a Canadian job offer and need a Work Permit ?

- In almost all cases, individuals with a job offer from a Canadian employer must secure a Temporary Work Permit to perform work in Canada.

A Temporary Work Permit may be issued for a period of time ranging from a few days to a few years. The process of applying for a Work Permit is twofold. First, the Canadian employer must receive government permission to hire outside of Canada. Once this permission has been granted, the designated employee(s) must apply for and receive their Work Permit(s) VISA to have legal rights to work in Canada.

After reading about your options, please contact us with any questions you may have.

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