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Please read through the information below that will give you an idea about immigration options for various countries:

Canada: Skilled Migration;  1st, Jan 2015. There is no occupation on demand in short anyone can apply if they qualify the eligibility points. Process time - 8 to 10 months; Leave India on Permanent Resident Visa; Total Investment (inclusive of OM international fee) Rs.1.8 lakh for a single person.
Occupations in demand: Engineers, Finance professionals and Accountants, IT professionals, HR Managers, Lecturers, Advertising and Public Relations, Dieticians, Physiotherapists, Nurses, Healthcare professionals and many more.

Australia: Skilled Migration; Process time- 6 to12 months; Permanent Resident Visa; Total Investment (inclusive of OM International fee) Rs.4 lakh for a single person.
Occupations in demand: Engineers, Software professionals, Teachers, Financial professionals, HR, Sales and Marketing managers, BPO Managers and many qualify.

Canada - Quebec: Skilled Migration; Process time -12 to 18 months; Leave India on Permanent Resident Visa; Total Investment (inclusive of OM International fee) Rs.1.8 lakh for single person.
Occupations in demand: Nurses, IT professionals, Civil and Aerospace Engineers, and many more qualify.

Denmark: Resident Permit under green card scheme; Process time - 8 to 12 months; Danish Green Card; Total Investment (inclusive of OM International fee) Rs.1.6 lakh for single person. Master’s degree is required in many cases.
Occupations in demand: Engineers, Teachers, IT professionals, Healthcare professional stand a good chance. 200+ visa approvals.

Hong Kong : QMAS; Process time- 8 to 10 months; Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme; Total Investment (inclusive of OM International fee) Rs.70,000/- for a single person.

New Zealand : Skilled Migrant; Process time 12 to 18 months; 2 year residence visa and PR afterwards; Total Investment (inclusive of OM International fee) Rs.3 lac for a single person.

Germany: Job Seeker; 6 Months job seeker Visa is granted and Resident Permit afterwards; Process time - 3 to 6 months. Total Investment (inclusive of OM International fee) Rs 1 lakh. Graduates with two years of experience can apply.

Smart Applicant Services: For those interested in applying for Work Visa. We offer extensive resume marketing service through customized sources. 50 interview responses received last month. Visit our office to see responses generated. Business/ visitor/tourist visa services, and Passport services plus we are providing IELTS coaching as well and upon registration you will get discount on IELTS fees. Ask us how?

OM INTERNATIONAL, which is one of the best VISA consultancy in Vadodara will assist you with the processing and application of your immigration petition. We take care of all aspects of your application from start to finish. Also, remember that when it comes to visa and immigration applications, professional documentation makes all the difference.

OM INTERNATIONAL is truly your overseas VISA companion, has processed thousands of cases in Student VISA, Working Holiday Maker VISAs, Immigration and Family PR Visas as well as Business VISA and our success rate is one of the highest in the Vadodara and especially Gujarat's visa consultancy market. We have the most transparent process, the expertise and research facility, a dedicated & experienced processing team and the best success rate in India.

We are happy to be the company that helps you go overseas and achieve your personal goals.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. For more queries, please call @ 9227656606 / 98241 63366 or email your CV for Free Immigration Assessment : info@omvisas.in or omvishal.shah@gmail.com

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Welcome To OM International, Gujarat's Leading Study Abroad & Migration VISA Consultancy

Welcome To OM International,  Gujarat's Leading Study Abroad & Migration VISA Consultancy
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