Dreaming of Immigration to Canada ? Here is the detailed SINP process guidance : GATHER these DOCUMENTS & Apply for PR VISA : Just DO it..............

THIS IS AN EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY TO MIGRATE TO CANADA WITH LOW BANDS IN IELTS and it is just started on 21st September 2015 with an overall quota of 1000 applications...check this govt. website link

 AND AT VERY REASONABLE OVERALL COSTS OF JUST 2-3 LACS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY. I BELIEVE NO ONE SHOULD MISS THE SAME, IF YOU HAVE YOUR IELTS SCORES READY, IT WILL BE VERY FAST PROCEDURE. OM International has the privilege to share this information among the people and spread it to mass so that max. people takes the advantage of this unique migration opportunity. 

Pathway to Skilled Migration : Saskatchewan Provincial Migration : Occupation in Demand Stream

Finally, there are three ways to migrate to Canada at present :

First official way is to apply in Express Entry - Stay in the POOL - Draw for Invitations in every 15 days - Points Cut-off decided by Govt. based on the no. of people in the pool - Last cut off is 450 points - which is NOT easy to score - approx. 50000 people are already in pool - as there is no occupation list for the same.

Second way is to be in the Above Express Entry POOL and find the Employer who can get you positive LMIA - Labour Market Impact Assessment - which will get you 600 points additional in the above process, which in turn makes your way for sure to Canada PR. Finding a prospective Employer is very very difficult who can sponsor you and it is very much expensive most of the times....

Finally----the third and final way is Provincial Nomination - - which has again priority in the express entry POOL by getting 600 points for the same --- Provinces like Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba has conventional schemes, but it also requires the JOB offer in that province to apply for the PNP - so forget this option also....----now what !!!! only Provinces like Ontario and Saskatchewan is open to give you the nomination by passing certain criteria or specific points system ....and moreover SINP has 1000 quota as mentioned above, so just need to rush and give your all efforts to make a positive application for SINP - this nomination process will take 4-6 months time approximately and once you get the Nomination, we just need to apply to CIO - Govt. of Canada for PR - Permanent Residence....

Now guys, everything is described above and email (omvishal.shah@gmail.com) / Call us +9227656606/09/16 to get the full details of all three options for migrating to Canada...go through the same peacefully and discuss with your family and come to us with your queries, so that we can help you to migrate to CANADA easily.

Please click on the link below to know more about this Canadian PR option for you. 

Open from 21st September 2015.

OM International Brings you the Unbelievable Opportunity to fulfil your Canada Migration dream : No JOB offer Required, Migrate to Canada in just 10 months, low bands in IELTS acceptable, Limited time oopportunity...Apply Now

Kindly refer both attachments : both process gets you 600 points : one is for JOB Offer : One process is for Provincial Nomination for Canada : 

Only 1000 quota available, So Apply NOW...................

LIST OF DOCUMENTS TO ACCOMPANY YOUR NOMINATION APPLICATION (we will guide you in details once you register with OM International)

1. Identity and Civil Status documents

 Birth Certificates, that lists both parents, for:
o The principal applicant;
o The spouse or common-law partner; and,
o Any dependent children accompanying the applicant to Canada or not

 Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
 Proof of common-law relationship (if applicable)
 Death Certificate of former spouse (if applicable)
 Adoption papers (if applicable)
 Final divorce, custody and maintenance documents
o For both applicant and spouse (if applicable)

2. Passports
 Copies of the passports for:
o The principal applicant;
o The spouse or common-law partner; and,
o Any dependent children accompanying the applicant to Canada
 Include copies of only those pages showing the passport number, date of issue and expiry, photo, name, date and place of birth
 If you live in a country different from your nationality, include copies of your visa for the country where you currently live (if applicable)

3. SINP Job Approval Letter (if applicable) - NOT COMPULSORY
4. Offer of Permanent, Full-time Employment in Saskatchewan (if applicable)

5. Education/Training Credentials (if applicable)

6. Work Experience Credentials

7. Regulatory/Licensing Credentials (if applicable)

8. IELTS  / / Language Test Results (if applicable)

9. Settlement Funds (if applicable) 
10. Settlement Plan (if applicable)

11. Close Family Relative in Saskatchewan (if applicable)
 Copies of the close family relative’s:
o Birth Certificate and/or marriage certificates and/or other civil documents to prove a relationship
o Canadian Permanent Resident Card or Canadian Citizenship Card of Canadian Passport
o Saskatchewan Health Card
o Letter of reference or the past three paystubs from a Saskatchewan employer
o If you have children between the ages of 5 to 17, proof of enrollment in a Saskatchewan school (if applicable)

12. Previously worked in Saskatchewan (if applicable)
13. Previously studied in Saskatchewan (if applicable)
14. Police Records : if you have a criminal history

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