Study with Public university at Capilano University of Canada .. Associate of Arts Degree in September 2016 intake



  • Offers a combination of first and second year Arts and Sciences courses.  
  • Students complete a broad range of arts courses, along with some science courses.  
  • Ladders to third year studies.  
  • An Arts and Sciences education imposes discipline on boundless curiosity, and helps developMcritical thinking skills, which are essential for virtually any career you can think of, as well as for a meaningful engagement of the world.

Art History

  •  Emphasizes a broad knowledge of art history and cultivates a critical visual awareness with which to view the art and visual culture of both past and present.  
  • Critical tools for the decoding of images, increasingly indispensable in today's media-driven world, are introduced in all Art History courses.
  • With their diverse range of interests and academic specializations, our faculty can give students a wide-ranging overview of art historical issues, preparing them for careers in many art-related fields of study and practice.

  • Offers the opportunity to think critically about traditional and experimental English literature in a wide variety of genres and in the context of contemporary issues.  
  • First and second-year English studies at Capilano University offer small, discussion-oriented classes where students develop their critical thinking, reading, and writing skills.


  • Provides students with fundamental knowledge and a critical understanding of the discipline of psychology.
  • Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior. Psychologists are interested in understanding people: how they think, feel, and behave in a variety of situations.

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Applied Ethics

Includes courses in introductory ethics and critical thinking, as well as biomedical ethics, environmental ethics and business ethics.

2 Years

  • Completion of Grade 12 with minimum of 55% 
  • Full admission: IELTS of 6.5/6.0
  • Transition Program: IELTS 6.0/5.5 will take EAP 100 + 101 and 2 Academic Courses.
  • Transition Program: IELTS 5.5/5.0 will take EAP 090 Plus 1 Academic Courses.


Capilano University comes under University Criteria, the top most criteria, hence giving students the safest option to apply for their higher studies in Canada

Capilano University is Public University that is fully accredited by the Government of British Columbia and the Northwest Commission on Colleges Universities (USA).

Capilano University's EQA designation is recognized globally as a symbol of quality education and consumer protection.
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