Canada has been ranked amongst top countries to study!!!! Here is few information which may be regarded as important not only from the point of view Students but as potential aspirants as well!!!!!!!

Things to know before studying in Canada: A popular study abroad destination, Canada enjoys a special relationship with India. Testimony to it is the 37,399-strong community of Indian students studying in the country’s different universities. Interestingly, this special relationship extends beyond the academic sphere, as Canada also happens to be home to one of the biggest Indian Diasporas living abroad. Cities like Ontario, London, and Kitchener, for the record, boast sizable Indian communities that help provide Indian students with much needed moral support in a foreign land.
Generally when planning to study abroad what happens is that students pay much attention to aspects like top universities in Canada its tuition fee, and admission deadlines, Professors, Requirements, job placement opportunities which, no doubt, is the right approach. But still, you will be better served if you also read up on the country where you will be guests for a year or two, its rules, history, places of interest, food, and work opportunities that you can explore there. Importantly, you don’t have to be an expert on each of these topics or even spend considerable amount of time learning them, but focus on the key things to know before studying in Canada that we have compiled for you. Getting a hang of these things you will be able to embrace Canada more tightly and spend your days studying in Canada happily.

Far from the growing crowd: One thing that will immediately draw your attention once you land in Canada is its vast open spaces, verdant beauty and refreshing air. Even the cities are dotted with manicured and well-laid out parks and expansive green areas that never let you feel like you are trapped in a concrete jungle, a common complaint these days. The canvas of Canada, in fact, is a prime example of seamless marriage between modernity and environmental consideration. The moderate population of the Canada also plays a part in all this.   
Canada not only has developmental and man-made beauty but is famous for its natural beauty, from its glaciers to its sky reaching mountains, you will be finding it hard to spot which places to visit first and which at the end.

Dos and don’ts: While the USA and Canada are neighboring countries and share the longest land border in the world, they have very contrasting reputations that precede them: on one hand you have the reigning superpower of the world, the USA, which evokes a sense of awe for its military might and the economic clout it enjoys. On the other you have Canada, a more somber, unthreatening and friendly country, which in many ways is reassuring. But while Canada can be a paragon of peace, there are certain rules and laws that as an international student you are expected to follow when in the country; this is to ensure that law and order is maintained. So, here we bring you things to look out for when in Canada:
·         Drinks are best consumed in private: If you are not a teetotaler, better keep your habits to private spaces. Otherwise, you may get in some trouble, if not serious trouble, since public drinking in public places is prohibited all over Canada.
·         Treat the Canadian flag respectfully: The Canadians hold their national flag in very high esteem and consider any disrespect to it as a personal affront. So be careful not to spill food materials, sit or walk on the flag, or anything that shows the flag in poor light.
·         Smoking isn’t ok in some public places: While people do smoke in public, they come with riders attached. Like if you are in British Columbia, smoking is prohibited in most public places: public transport, public buildings, which may include restaurants, bars and also studying places.
·         Avoid comparison between the USA and Canada: While many aspects of Canada mirror the USA, Canada also has a very independent existence. You comparing the two countries may send the impression that you think less of Canada, which isn’t something you must do in a foreign land.
·         If studying in Quebec, learning French is a must: France influence is nowhere more evident than in Quebec, where everything from sign boards to greetings must be carried out in French. In fact, 80% of the inhabitants in Quebec speak only French, and it is more pronounced outside Montreal; so if you want to engage with a local, the only option is to learn France yourself. In Montreal, though you can afford to drop your guard and relax a bit as it has a more multicultural crowd.
Best student cities: While tuition fees and the reputation of a university are the primary concerns when deciding whether to study abroad, another element is slowly gaining traction lately. It is a concept called student cities, which is a yardstick that rates a city on different parameters like pollution index, quality of life, and safety. The idea behind having student cities is to go beyond the traditional academic requirements, and include elements which are crucial for the physical and mental wellbeing of the student. If you have decided to study in Canada, you would be glad to know that it features a host of cities that are listed in the best student cities in the world rankings. Prominent among them includes Montreal and Toronto, ranked 7 and 13 respectively.

Accommodation in Canada for Foreign Students: There are multiple options of accommodation options for a student studying in Canada, be it home stays, private accommodation or the much coveted on-campus accommodation. If you are among the lucky ones who have been offered on-campus accommodation, you can benefit from vibrant social life, easy access to the university, and guaranteed security. But even if you miss out on on-campus accommodation, there are decent off-campus accommodations just nearby all the major universities; and with a little bit of effort, you should be able to find out one that fits your budget and sensibilities. Also, unless you go for extravagant lifestyle, the price scale is pretty reasonable, starting from around $400-500 (compared to $800 for on-campus accommodation at Vancouver) for a shared room. Additionally, home stays are another popular option for students, as they give students a home-like ambience to live in.

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