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The Kristianstad University is a university college in Kristianstad, Sweden. Established in 1977, Kristianstad University is one of the newest Swedish institutions of higher education.

Situated in the north eastern part of Skåne, Kristianstad is the main centre of the region. The town combines the modern and the old and is situated in an area of great natural beauty. Kristianstad is also known for its cosy cafés, restaurants and shops.

Our campus is created from the idea that as a student, you will have access to modern information technology, inspiring meeting places and good services. We offer a highly qualified faculty in a friendly atmosphere.

·         Approximately 14,000 students

·         Approximately 500 employees

·         7 programmes and 100 courses for international students

·         A total of 45 programmes and 450 courses

Programmes in English – spring 2017

1. One Year Master Programme in Computer Science with Specialization in Embedded Systems

2.Master Programme in Integrative Health Science

Overall educational goals

The overriding objective for the Master’s programme in Integrative Health Science is that the students develop knowledge and competencies at an advanced level from a cross-disciplinary and multi-professional knowledge base in order to initiate and implement work on change for sustainable health development within health related activities.

Various courses of the program relates to clinical experience (VFU) in the sense that education is linked to research and work-related tasks. Language of instruction: English.

Employment situation

The program\'s multidisciplinary content and your acquired knowledge in change and development work will make you attractive in many fields of Health Science such as Health Developer, Health Strategist and Planner within both the private and public sector.

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