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Course Packages available

Hospitality courses: 
(Cert III & IV in Commercial Cookery & Diploma in Hospitality) are for 2 yrs 3month and fee is $18,500. Separately Cert III in Comm Cookery is 54 weeks and fee is $10,000, Cert IV in Comm Cookery is 78 weeks and fee $14500. Diploma of Hospital Management is 57 weeks and fee is $7490.

Disability/ Community Services courses: 
(Cert IV in Disability and Diploma of Community Services) are for 2 yrs 3 month and fee is $22,900.

            Enrollment process:
Please ask the student to fill the Enrolment Form for Hospitality/ Disability/ Community Services and email back along with copy of Passport, IELTS (we need 5.5 band) and Educational Qualifications and I will issue Letter of Offer. Once you ready with show money (around $25K-30K for one person) then I will issue CoE and student will lodge visa.
No payment needed till visa granted. First payment after visa is $8735 which include health insurance for one person.

            Enrollment dates:
17 April 2017. Classes will be for 2 and a half days (20hours).

            Disability/ Community Services courses 
         (Cert IV in Disability and Diploma of Community Services) are for 2 yr 3 month and fee is  $22,900.
  • Diploma of Community Services is for 18 month duration and student needs 2 yr study for exploring career options in Australia.
  • Cert IV in Disability and Diploma of Community Service will give student wider option for career in disability as well as community services fields. Plenty of entry level jobs in disability field due to launch of National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Australia.
  • Separately Certificate IV in Disability is for 1 yr and fee is $8450 and Diploma of Community Services is for 18 month and fee is $19,900. However, there are few subjects common in both so student will get credit and will finish both Cert IV in Disability and Diploma of Community Services in 2yr 3 month and will pay only $22,900 for both (instead of $8450 for Cert IV in Disability and $19,900 for diploma in community services)Where additional evidence of financial capacity is required, the student will be able to provide this as one of the followingevidence of funds to cover travel to Australia and 12 months’ living, course fees and (for school-aged dependants) schooling costs for the student and accompanying family members evidence of meeting the annual income requirement an Acceptance Advice of Secondary Exchange Students (AASES)  form, for secondary exchange students only. 
  • The annual income option requires students to provide evidence of personal annual income of at least AUD 60,000. For students accompanied by family members the amount is AUD 70,000 or more. The income demonstrated must be the personal income of the student’s spouse or parents only. In circumstances where both the student’s parents are working, their combined income can be considered for this requirement. In all cases, the evidence of annual income must be in the form of official government documentation, such as a tax assessment.
  • The 12-month living costs requirement is broadly similar to the requirement that applied to Assessment Level 2 students prior to 1 July 2016. The type of evidence, where required, includes: money deposit or loan with a financial institution, government loan, scholarship or sponsorship. 

          Living cost amounts:
          From 1 July 2017, the 12 month living cost will be:
  •  Student/guardian - AUD 19,830
  •  Partner/spouse - AUD 6,940
  •  Child - AUD 2,970
         Few tips for visa:    
          Students with nursing and other health qualifications/ experience like care                                     giver pharmacy, physiotherapy, medical terminology, are good for disability course.
  • Students with hospitality/ cooking qualification/ experience like HRM, Food technology,   Cruise Ship Management, Tourism are good for hospitality course
  • Student with Graduation and higher qualifications in non-related fields generally won’t   get visa for Diploma level course. These students should do short 3 month NC-1 from         TESDA (for Philippines students) either in care giver/ massage therapy for disability         course or food preparation/ bar tender course for Hospitality studies. 
  • IELTS should be minimum 5.5 band, preferably more Student/ family should have very sound financial background. Close blood relation will have to show minimum of $25K-30K to embassy for securing visa.

         Documents required by Sponsor: 
         Sponsor need to provide following documents:
  • Make statutory declaration that how they are related to student and they will provide support education of student.
  • Provide evidence of blood relation with student in form of birth certificate showing both parents of sponsor and student are same.
  • Provide evidence of funds (around $25-$30K for one person, if student is married and has kids then show money is more). Funds must be 3 month old and sitting in account all this period. If funds were less than required before and sponsor added funds later then calculate 3 months form that date before you are eligible to apply visa.
  • Provide 2 pay slips and group certificate as proof of regular income.
  • Provide Proof residence (in case of Australian Sponsor provide Citizenship certificate or   Passport copy)
  • If own house then provide proof in form of council rate.
  • All these documents must be attested by JP/ Notary Public. Then scan these documents and send email to applicant who will then print and attach with visa application.

                                             Submit All Your Educational Documents With Passport

                                                   and Resume To Process Your application To



                                                    Call: 9227656616/10/06/09 for More Details

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