Technical University of Košice, Slovakia was founded in 1952, but its roots must be sought in the deep past.

 Already in 1657 it was founded the University in Kosice Cassoviensis but technical education was    promoted to the higher level until 1762, when the Austro-Hungarian empress Maria Theresa founded    the Mining Academy in Banská Štiavnica. It provided education and research activities developed in  the whole complex of scientific disciplines, from ore mining to manufacturing and processing of  metallic materials. 

 The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has successfully passed the Complex Accreditation in five  research domains in 2015. The Faculty obtained the best final evaluation degree “A” in two research  areas, whereas one of them is the “Engineering”, which incorporates the main part of the study  programs. The Faculty was awarded by the distinguished appreciation, namely by the “National  Quality Award of the Slovak Republic 2015”, which confirms excellence of the Faculty. The Faculty of  Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Košice became a winner in the category C (Public  Sector Organization) in the year 2015. 

 The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Košice is prepared for quality  education of mechanical engineers, who will be able to manage the most demanding tasks. 

 Graduate Profile and Career Prospective

 Program graduates are able to analyze, design, construct and review large engineering devices, as  well as provide research outputs with high creativity and self‐activity. Graduates obtain a detailed    knowledge in the field of the mechanical engineering, which provide them the ability to manage work  teams. They are able to lead projects independently and takeover liability for complex solutions. They  will be able to use scientific approaches, because they have experience with formulation of  hypothesis, with design of experiments, hypothesis verification and analyses of obtained data.

 Graduates of Faculty of mechanical engineering TUKE are offered lucrative job offers even during  their studies and are currently working all around the world. Unemployment rate of graduates are  very close to 0. 

 Admission Documents Required :
 Students must complete Bachelor level of education and submit following documents:

 Ø  10th & 12th Marksheet

 Ø  Bachelors Transcript of records (including grades and evaluation of student) & Bachelors Certificate
 Ø  Curriculum vitae
 Ø  Copy of Passport
 Ø  Medium of Instruction
 Ø Statement of Purpose
 Ø  There is no application fee. On the other hand, students must pay 100€ deposit, which will be later deducted  from tuition fees.
 Duration : 2 years Tuition Fee : 3500 Euro

                           Submit all your Educational documents with Passport

                                    and Resume to process your application to



                                    Call : 9227656616/10/06/09 for more details

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