About the University: 
Aleksandras Stulginskis University is a university in Lithuania,in Akademija, west of Kaunas. 
It is the only state institution of higher education and research in Lithuania awarding degrees
at PhD, M.Sc. and B.Sc. levels in the fields of Food Sciences, Agriculture, Forestry, Water 
and Land Resources Management, Bio-energy and Mechanical engineering, Climate 
Change and Sustainable use of natural resources. These degrees are recognized all 
over the world and have the highest standard of equivalence.

Academic Faculties :- 
Faculty of  Agronomy, Faculty of  Economics and Management, Faculty 
of Forestry and Ecology, Faculty of Water and Land Management and Faculty 
of Agricultural Engineering.

Infrastructure :- 
The University is spread over an area of 719 Hectares comprising of 5 academic buildings, 
an experimental station, training farm and academic campus for students and faculty. 
The academic infrastructure has been modernized with a number of recent projects 
funded by the EU funds. All academic buildings provide 40 auditoriums, 42 classrooms, 
over 100 laboratories and a library with more than 6,00,000 books.

Advantages of Studying in Lithuania : 

Ø Quality education in safe and modern environment.
Ø English taught courses.
Ø Low Academics acceptable.
Ø Low Tuition Fees and Living and Accommodation costs.
Ø No IELTS Required. 
Ø No Age Limit to apply.
Ø Schengen VISA.
Ø Recent funds Accepted for VISA.
Ø International students are allowed to work part time.
Ø Internship opportunities available.

Study Programs with Tuition Fees :-

Level of Studies and Study Programs

Tuition fees per year in EUROS
Bachelor programs of Biomedical and Technological Sciences:

(Rs.1,47,000 approx.)

Bachelor programs of Social-Sciences: 
AdministrationofRuralDevelopment,Agricultural Economics,LogisticsandCommerce.
1700 Euros
(Rs 1,19,000 approx.)
Master programs of Biomedical and Technological Sciences:

3200 Euros
(Rs.2,24,000 approx.)
Master programs of Social Sciences: 
Administration of Rural Development, Accounting and Finance.
2900 Euros
(Rs.2,03,000 approx.)

Documents Required for Applying:

Ø  Updated CV
Ø  Statement of Purpose (SOP)
Ø  Two Letters of Recommendation
Ø  10th & 12th std. mark-sheets
Ø  Semester-wise mark-sheets of Bachelor’s Degree/ Transcripts
Ø  Degree Certificate or Provisional Degree Certificate
Ø  Passport Copy – First and Last Page Xerox
Ø  Work Experience certificate (if applicable) 



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