Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program

Alberta is one of Canada’s most economically and socially dynamic provinces.

The AINP consists of three main immigration streams:
  1.  Strategic Recruitment Stream
  2.  Employer-Driven Stream
  3.  Self-Employed Farmer Stream
Strategic Recruitment Stream

This stream allows individuals to apply to the AINP without employer support. It consists of three different categories:
  • Compulsory and Optional Trades Category – Tradespersons who hold either an Alberta Qualification Certificate or a Recognized Trade Certificate may be eligible under this category. Individuals must be residing in Alberta on a valid work permit at the time of application and work in a compulsory or optional trade.
  • Engineering Occupations Category – This category was designed for engineers, designers and drafters with Alberta work experience. Applicants must work in one of the designated occupations.
  • Post Graduate Worker Category – Individuals who have graduated from a recognized post-secondary institution in Alberta, and who are currently working in Alberta in an eligible occupation on a Post-Graduation Work Permit, may be eligible for this program.
Employer-Driven Stream
This stream allows employers to nominate workers to the AINP for Canadian immigration. In this way, applicants have the comfort of knowing that their job prospects are bright after becoming permanent residents, and employers can more easily retain the workers they need. This stream consists of three sub-categories:
  • Skilled Worker Category – For individuals with a permanent, full-time job offer in an eligible skilled occupation. Individuals are not required to be working in Alberta at the time of application.
  • International Graduate Category – For individuals who have graduated from a recognized post-secondary institution in Canada, hold a valid Post-Graduation Work Permit, and have received a permanent, full-time job offer from an Alberta employer.
  • Semi-Skilled Worker Category – For temporary foreign workers who have received a permanent, full-time job offer from an Alberta employer in an eligible semi-skilled occupation. 
    Skilled Worker Category

Requirements for Employers

In order to be eligible under the Alberta Skilled Worker Category, employers must:
  • Be incorporated or registered in Canada and operating in Alberta;
  • Offer a job that is in an occupation classified as skill level NOC 0, A, or B;
  • Provide a job offer to the candidate that meets Alberta's employment and wage standards;
  • Provide a job offer to the candidate that does not conflict with existing collective bargaining agreements. The AINP will not approve an application if there is a labour dispute in progress that may involve, directly or indirectly, either the employer or the candidate;
  • Receive a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) for the job they are offering to the applicant. Some occupations or candidates may be exempt from the LMIA requirement;
  • If the worker is not currently working in Alberta, must demonstrate that efforts have been made to recruit in Canada before offering job to the applicant; and,
  • Meet additional requirements if the applicant is an Early Childhood Educator or Childcare Staff.

Minimum Requirements for Applicants

In addition, applicants must:
  • Intend to live and work in Alberta permanently;
  • Have related training, work experience, and any necessary licensing to perform the job in Alberta;
  • Show valid work permit if already working in Alberta;
  • Show proof of legal status if living abroad; and,
  • Meet additional requirements if they are Early Childhood Educators or Childcare Staff

Additional Criteria for Early Childhood Educators and Childcare Staff

In addition to the minimum requirements listed above, employers of early childhood educators and childcare staff must:
  • Be accredited with the Alberta Association for the Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Service; and,
  • Be approved for funding under the Alberta Child Care Accreditation Funding Program.
Early childhood educator and childcare staff applicants must also:
  • Have a valid work permit under the NOC code 4214;
  • Be currently residing in Alberta;
  • Have completed a minimum of high school education;
  • Be a certified Child Development Worker (Level 2) or Child Development Supervisor (Level 3) through the Alberta Human Services Child Care Staff Certification Office; and,
  • Be employed by a pre/accredited day care program or family day home agency for a minimum of six months.
Preference is given to candidates who have completed a first aid course.

When Not to Apply

Candidates should not apply if they are:
  • Supervisors, foremen and trades people, working in a Compulsory or Optional Trade in Alberta (candidates in these occupations may be eligible to apply under the Alberta Strategic Recruitment Stream: Compulsory and Optional Trades category);
  • Clergy, Elementary and Secondary School Teachers, Professional Athletes and Dental Laboratory Bench Workers;
  • Refugee claimants, or individuals involved in a federal appeal or removal process;
  • Live-in Caregivers currently living in Canada;
  • Temporary Foreign Workers working and residing in a province other than Alberta; or,
  • International students studying in Canada and doing co-op work placements or internships as part of their study program. 
  1. Passport copies of self, spouse, & children (Receipt required if applied for passport.
  2. Proof of Birth: Self, spouse, children     
  3. Proof of marriage: Marriage Certificate.
  4. Proof of Education: Diploma/Degree Certificate, mark-sheets, transcripts (Applicant and spouse)
  5. Proof of Experience: All documents like Appointment letter, experience letter & other(Applicant and Spouse)
  6.  Current Detailed Resume for self and spouse.
  7. Photographs: Min.6 Photos, size 35x45 matte finish, white background.
  8. Other relevant documents as asked and demanded.
  9. Initial Consulting Retainer Fees in the form of bank draft payable to “OM INTERNATIONAL”.

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