Main Case Study behind Visa Cancellation & Their Solutions...OM International, a vadodara based VISA Consultancy brings a solution to you....

Precautions before Visa Interview.

Main Case Study behind Visa Cancellation & Their Solutions...

You know what there could be Many causes behind the denial of the visa. some are here for the better chance of execution!

To start with, 
Financial Solution for Student Visa
1) Your documents/papers related to the financial background may not be too strong, and resultantly, the concerned immigrating official may not be convinced that you would really manage to take care of yourself financially in the country.
Solution: Offer strong proof of your financial state.
 (Proof belongs to your background/Family Members from India/Abroad)

Reason For Return into Nation
2) The immigration officer may not be convinced with your aims of leaving the nation, post the completion of your study course.
Solution: Attach the required papers illustrating your property and permanent home / Business and business back in your native nation.
(Make a Strong reason for return into Nation.)

Proove Educational Profile
3)The selection of the study course may not be in compliance with your field in your nation. For instance, you could be an Arts/Designer student back home but may have applied for computers course in the Respective Country.
Solution: Submit an application for the course involving your chosen field of study, or share the common thread between the two. (ie. Why your educational knowledge is much useful for respective country progress in any manner)

Contribution into College
4) Your Selection will depend on the credibility test with the university you may have been chosen for. Still, at times, some colleges dishonestly register students to make money, which results in the rejection of the application.
Solution: Submit an application for ONLY administration sanctioned colleges & educational centers. 
(Proove in Verbally that you have enough potential for generating the revenue stream for college, for such kind of colleges)

Family Plan for Overseas
5)The petition may also be dismissed in case you want to take your whole family with you and fail to offer sufficient documents to exhibit your link to the home nation.
Solution: Offer the valid proof of going back. 
(with some Priority Future plants to be executed.)

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Welcome To OM International, India's Leading Study Abroad & Immigration VISA Consultancy Company

Welcome To OM International, India's Leading Study Abroad & Immigration VISA Consultancy Company
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