Student Visa for Poland

Students from European Union countries do not need a visa to study in Poland. Students from outside the European Union need to apply for a student visa before entering Poland. Contact a Polish consulate or embassy in your country for complete details of the application procedure.

All students have to legalize their stay in Poland by applying for a temporary residence permit. This has to be done a short time after arrival in Poland. The Universities will help you within the application procedures. A temporary residence permit entitles you to stay and work in Poland. 

Interested in education in Poland

If you are looking for a high quality European education for a good price you should look to study in Poland. The cost of living together with the tuition fees is lower than in many other European countries whilst the quality of the education system is equally high with over 400 public and private higher education institutions throughout the country.

The Education System in Poland

A large part of the Polish higher education market is made up of private colleges and universities. There are about 310 privately owned universities and colleges and 138 state schools of higher learning. This has resulted in a high level of competition that has given Poland lower prices for studying than in many other European countries. The higher education system is one of high quality and all leading universities offer programmes thought in English, within study areas such as medicine, engineering, humanities, business and finance. More than 100 higher education institution in Poland currently offer study programmes in English. Poland has taken active part in the Bologna Process. The ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) allows students to be geographically mobile and continue their education in other countries.
There is no central administration for admission. Instead, each institute is responsible for their own admission process. However, each applicant must generally hold a “maturity certificate” to qualify for admission in Poland.

Medical Studies in Poland

In a lot of countries you need high grades to enter an education of medical studies. If you don’t reach up to those criteria of high grades, or if you just want to have an experience of studying abroad, there is another option for you - medical studies in Poland.
The medicine programme is 7,5 years long. You study 6 years in Poland at the university and after that is the pre-registration period as house officer. You can choose to do your pre-registration period as house officer in your native country.
You can choose to do your pre-registration period as house officer in Poland or in your native country. A lot of international students choose to do it in their native country. You are responsible to find your own place for your pre-registration period as house officer.
The Medical Universities in Poland are adapted to the common European program, in keeping with the European admission standards for medical education. Inside Europe that education is going to be valid as if it was from your native country. If your are from a country outside Europe, contact a medical school in your native country and ask how it works.

Student Accommodation and Housing in Poland

The student housing is of course important when you are planning to study abroad. Most of the universities in Poland offer accommodation in their own student housing. As soon as you are accepted by the school you get a room in their student housing. Some of the students choose to have this as their permanent home, but most of the students live here the first time to get used to the country, the school and the student life and then they move to a private apartment. The standard of the student housing vary a lot from university to university but generally a private apartment has higher standard than the student housing. Most of the universities can help you to find a private apartment.

Cost of Living and Tuition Fees in Poland

The cost of living in Poland is relatively low in comparison to many other European countries.
The private universities have more places to offer and therefore more humane admission requirements. The private programmes cost more money than the public universities. At the private programmes you pay a tuition that can vary from university to university but normally it is between 9 000 and 100 000 Euros per year.
As a European Union citizen you have the right to apply to the public programs in Poland which are free. If you apply to those universities you have to compete with the Polish students and the admission requirements are a lot higher, and all the teaching is in Polish.
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