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Living in a third world country seem draining your life’s battery for reasons such as quality of life at the huge expense in terms of finances it brings along, burning issues such as unemployment, crime rate, gender inequality, women insecurity, quality education, family structure and values which are diminishing day by day, probably make a person (immigrant) chase a better place and a happy haven to live life to the fullest.
Immigration to Canada

On the list of countries inviting immigrants or people opting for a nation for their immigration program, Canada stands on top. Canada is ranked in the pollution index as 87thcountry, which boasts of lush green environment, apple and maple trees, snow-filled winters, berries and bears, Red Nosed Rein deers on a winter morning eating away the carrot plants in your backyard, kids picking up the mini apples from the trees on their 2 mile walk to aunt’s home, Canada known as a land of opportunities, never fails one’s dreams of being employed in their profession and honored with a decent cheque for your passionate hard work. Coming to healthcare, its public funded and covers the most required care including the tests and medications. The education in Canada is known for its quality and strategically planned system which allows the student to gain knowledge in the stream of their interest from their higher secondary school. The education is public funded till the higher secondary and for completing the college and regarding the University education in Canada if one can prove their income as low-income grade or medium income grade, the students are funded or provided with scholarships. Even the merit students and students who are from other countries who travel to Canada for their higher education programs are awarded with some scholarships and funds as per the conditions. Unemployment benefits also are availed by immigrants who are secured with PR Canada. The immigration policies of Canada were adopted in order to attract more immigrants who can successfully fill the skill shortages and work, live and settle in Canada while contributing to its economy.
Immigration to Australia

Australia is a diverse cultured society, needless to say, the beauties of nature, indigenous flora and fauna, and the broad spectrum of opportunities it provides for those who prefer immigration to the land down under. The points-based immigration system in Australia opened doors for many who choose to immigrate to Australia to work, live and settle in the country. Currently, Australia falls short of the professionals. And in this row, the country had curbed laws to make the immigration process to Australia easier. Speaking about the employment opportunities in Australia every eight immigrants out of ten will certainly be employed with a decent pay scale within six months they land in Australia, provided they are experienced in professional platforms. The kaleidoscope of arts, science and culture makes one worthy to pursue their plans for immigration. The geographical surroundings in Australia with national parks protected by the government of Australia, places to visit on a holiday, work-life balance that the country offers, are often envied by immigrants to other countries. The quality of life is extravagant. For those who chose a busy life, the cities exist and overwhelm, and for others who wish to enjoy the serenity of the countryside, places in Australia such as Goolwa, Kalgoortie, Alice springs, Broome, Birdsville, Port Douglas and many more provide a home for cool immigrants to Australia. The study abroad programs in Australia give a boost up to the resume and career for students which benefit them with scholarships and internships abroad as well.
Immigration to USA

As it is announced, declared, and perceived, The USA has become immigrant’s paradise, immigrants pursue their plans for immigration to USA not just the upper class but the lower middle class too. Most often the immigration plans bud as the student chase their study abroad plans, which paves a red carpet for H1-B Visa and then for being granted with a Green Card, which makes the immigrant a citizen of USA. It means now the immigrant can enjoy the benefits offered by government to its citizens such as scholarships for the students for a professional degree, healthcare benefits, unemployment benefits, sponsoring the family members to visit USA or Immigrate to USA, travel around the world holding the USA passport, without the requirement of Visa for hosting country, enjoy multi cuisines of global nations and a wide variety of dishes, community gatherings, serene climate and many more. The immigration to USA seems worthwhile the expense when you see yourself as someone blessed to be a blessing for your family and the home country.

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Welcome To OM International, India's Leading Study Abroad & Immigration VISA Consultancy Company

Welcome To OM International, India's Leading Study Abroad & Immigration VISA Consultancy Company
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