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Work while you Study Abroad in Canada
Canada is an extremely attractive option for many international students who aspire to study abroad and has reached a position of some importance when it comes to popular overseas education destinations. One of the reasons for its steady growth in popularity as a study abroad destination is the ease with which one can transit from a student visa to PR Canada as well as the Canadian Work Visa while you study in Canada. Many international students who study abroad have to spend lot of money on tuition fees, flight tickets and living expenses, if they are able to work while they study then they can help their financial situation to this extent.
Earn money and get valuable experience while you study abroad
Students who study abroad in Canada can find opportunities where, they get financial support for their education and also get valuable experience that can come in good stead while applying under the Canadian experience class. This becomes a major advantage for the student to apply for a full time job after the Canadian Education program is completed. Canada allows students who study abroad in the country to work while they pursue their education subject to certain conditions. This helps the students to socialize with their peers as well as to learn more about the prevailing trends in the country.
Eligibility conditions for work while you Study in Canada
International students who Study Overseas in Canada are entitled to work while they study either on campus or off it once they get their study visa permit. Students who study abroad in Canada for a full time or a vocational course that lasts for more than six months can apply for and get a study permit which allows them to study in Canada. The study visa itself is sufficient for working in Canada and a separate work permit is not required.
Permitted working hours for students during education abroad
Students who study abroad in Canada can work part time during semesters and for up to 20 hours per week and for up to 40 hours during vacation time. Students can also work for internship programs that are integrated into the semesters of their degree course. These semester programs can provide them with the opportunity to obtain first-hand experience in their area of specialization. Students have the option to work on campus for 20 hours or more per week and do not require a Social Insurance Number (SIN). However students who work on an off-campus job while they study abroad in Canada are required to fulfill the following conditions.
1.      The student has to be a full-time student and must hold a valid study visa.
2.      The student must have applied for and obtained a Social Insurance Number (SIN).
3.      The applicant must be admitted for study to a DLI or a Designated Learning Institution.
4.      The candidate must be living in Canada to study for a diploma, certificate program or degree.

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Welcome To OM International, India's Leading Study Abroad & Immigration VISA Consultancy Company

Welcome To OM International, India's Leading Study Abroad & Immigration VISA Consultancy Company
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