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Traditions observed during Christmas Celebrations in Canada!

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The white Christmassy Traditions are amazed by immigrants to Canada!
Our series of Christmas celebrations around the world brings us to the facts of the holiday in Canada. Marking the birth of Jesus Christ Christmas is celebrated on December 25th of every year all over the world. The Christmas traditions that stroll around during the season in Canada are very interesting. It is important for the immigrants and the rest of the world to know the course of Christmas day in Canada. As the holiday approaches closer the advent candles snuffed out representing the love, peace, joy, and hope which is the core essence of Xmas, the reason Jesus was born into the world.
What do Canadians do on Christmas day?
Canadian Christians certainly have a day off. So they prefer family gatherings. All the members of the family go to church and enjoy singing special Christmas carols and have a great festive meal at home quietly. They also exchange gifts and enjoy the surprises. The traditions differ from family to family. Some families believe in a mythical figure called Santa Claus who rides a sleigh pulled by a reindeer. He will have bags full of gifts, candy in Xmas stockings or gifts under the Christmas tree and slips the gifts through the chimneys. The most popular gifts could be toys, candies, clothes and many more. They take the time to open the gifts after the church service to enjoy those surprises. The immigrants to Canada watch the decorations and lights lit on the streets during Xmas, the tree brings a feeling of festivity from the heart to enjoy the blissful moments.
The Christmas Meal!
Some Canadians make merry by having lots of food and drinks on Christmas Day. Lunch is usually very large with a stuffed turkey, potatoes, veggies, Cranberry sauce and flavored spices. After the meal Xmas pudding is eaten. The food during the day also includes sweet and savory snacks, candies, mandarins, nuts, ginger bread, butter tarts. The immigrants to Canada also celebrate Christmas along with their Canadian neighbors by enjoying the great festive meal and relaxing on the holiday. Most of the immigrants try to bring their relatives from their home countries through tourist visa Canada to enjoy the snow skiing, and other adventurous snow games. Some parts of Canada observe snowfall from the month of November to January.
Back ground of Christmas
Jesus Christ was born as a baby in Bethlehem. Mary comes all the way in her full term pregnancy to Bethlehem for Census and gives birth to Jesus in a stable because, bible records that there was no room for Him in the Inn. So He was laid in the Manger and wrapped in the clothes. The cold nights where the Shepherds received the birth of Jesus made the festival to be celebrated in the coldest season of the year. Other Christians following Eastern Orthodox tradition celebrate Christmas on January 7th because it is marked on Armenian Apostolic Church Calendar. The immigrants to Canada mostly mix with Canadian Christians and take part in every blissful moment.
The symbols of Christmas
The different symbols that run around during Christmas include baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Stable, Straw, Angels, Stars, 3 wise men, Xmas Trees, Santa Claus on a reindeer sleigh carrying piles of gifts in a red suit, leaving the stockings filled with candy under the Xmas Tree. The North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD), monitors the aerospace above the United States and Canada also drags their eagle eye on the models of Santa seen leading into Xmas.
Christmas is a holiday in Canada!
The day 25th December is a holiday for all the organizations, ministries (unless involved in emergency and safety services), schools, colleges, Universities, Post Offices and so on. Limited transportation and public stores will be available. Workers are also given an off from their regular course of work during Xmas. Quebec decorates with a long nativity scenes in every home while Labrador in Newfoundland throws up Light-up contest during Christmas. The immigrants to Canada also can observe big ice sculptures of snowman in their gardens at this holiday season.
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