Now getting PR in Canada is Easy with the help of OM International..!!!!!

Now getting PR in Canada is Easy with the help of OM International:

OM INTERNATIONAL is a leading VISA Consultant in Vadodara established in 2000 with the effort to serve for the people's Dream and make it true to go Abroad for Study, Visit and for Permanent immigration.
With the ability to solve any query and problem in immigration file, We are Providing the Student Visa, Visitor Visa, Permanent Resident for Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Europe etc..
We are providing Coaching to our student by Certified Trainers.
Our Achievements:
We train 15-20 students in one batch in various English Languages tests like IELTS, Spoken English and Conversational English etc. We have a very experienced and committed team of language trainers who will make your language learning fun and easy. For us, English language teaching is never a profession but it’s a mission and we do have the vision to achieve that mission.
Besides, we also help students get admission from foreign colleges and universities and assist them in getting visas. Our devoted team in counseling students to search various programs and courses can help you out to find the best for you. Our years of experience and professional associations with universities will be a great help to you. We are a knowledge-driven institutions dedicated to the interests of the student community.
Apart from that, we provide professional assistance regarding Canada and Australia Immigration. Canada and Australia immigration is a web of complexity and confusion. It’s an ever-changing and very complex area of law. Our dedicated team under the professional guidance of a registered migration Agent will make your journey to Canada or Australia hassle-free and smooth. We can help you out with skill migration, child migration, partner migration, visitor visas, and skill assessments.
PR in Canada
A huge number of overseas students, in particular, the Indian students want to stay back after their studies. There is a myriad of reasons that contribute to this decision of the students, like warm and friendly people, multicultural environment, immense career opportunities, a scope for a fulfilling life, and most importantly, flexible immigration policies. Canada has streamlined the process of getting Permanent Residency for the overseas students. To apply and take advantage of the PR in Canada, it is vital to be familiar with every aspect of it.
What is Permanent Residency (PR)?
Permanent Residency is a status given to the non-Canadian citizens who have been legally immigrated to Canada. The PR status allows the non-Canadian citizens to work and live anywhere in Canada without any time limitation. It also allows them to shoulder equal responsibilities and duties as the locals.  There are numerous Immigration programs in Canada that lead to PR, such as Express Entry Program, Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP), Canadian Experience Class (CEC), Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), etc.
To get PR status, it is mandatory for an individual to stay in Canada for a minimum of 2 years in a 5-year period.
Why do you need PR?
Canada is one of the preferred study abroad destinations. According to the Canadian Bureau for International Education (2016), Canada was home to about 353,000 international students from all over the world. The major chunk of the international students in Canada comprises of students from India, US, China, South Korea, and France. And, one of the major reasons is that getting Permanent Residency in Canada is easier now for overseas students studying in Canada. As per the Canadian Bureau for International Education, about 51% of international students planned to apply for PR in Canada in 2015. 
Benefits of Permanent Residence
  • It is helpful in getting the Canada Citizenship.
  • It allows to study,  work and live in any province in Canada.
  • It grants the right to free public school education up to 18 years of age anywhere in Canada.
  • It entitles to attend any high school, university or college in Canada.
  • It reduces the burden of tuition fee at the higher education level.
  • It provides access to the social and medical benefits that most of the Canadian citizens receive.
  • It allows to shoulder almost the same responsibilities, duties and rights as Canadian citizens, such as Right to Protection, right to a Lawyer and an Interpreter, Legal Rights; and duties like Payment of Taxes, Respecting the Canadian Laws at Municipality, Province and Federal levels, etc.
  • It provides provincial universal health coverage and also covers necessary medical expenses, such as yearly examinations and check-ups, immunizations, emergency room visits, etc.
  • It guarantees protection under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Law.
  • It entitles to a few security benefits, such as the Guaranteed Income Supplement, the Canada Pension Plan and the Canada Child Tax Benefit.
  • It entitles to a few social benefits, such as social assistance, basic pension, unemployment insurance, subsidized medication, certain tax benefits, old-age insurance, workers compensation subject to the certain condition, free government job-specific courses, etc.
  • It grants the right to sponsor other family members for PR in Canada.
How has Canada made it easier for Overseas Students to get a PR?
Canada has made it easier for Overseas Students to get a PR by streamlining the online immigration process. The Canadian government has made some significant changes in its Immigration Selection Program- “Express Entry”, an online immigration selection system that manages the PR applications and ranks the applicants on factors such as work experience, age, language proficiency and level of education. The new rules set put the overseas students in a better position- easy to explore work opportunities after completion of their studies in Canada and easy to get a Permanent Residency. The new and transformed “Express Entry” has ushered the Canadian government to select the highly-skilled immigrants to the country and boost the economy and the society.
As per the new rules-
  • Additional points will be awarded to the overseas students who have obtained a high-level education in Canada, such as certificate, diploma or postgraduate degree – 30 points for completion of an undergraduate or postgraduate degree; and 15 points for one-year or two-year program completion.
  • Overseas students who have received an invitation to apply will be given more time to submit the Permanent Residence application and the processing of the application will be expeditious. Candidates now have 90 days to complete the PR application.
The general list of Documents
1.              Passport copies of self, spouse, & children (Receipt required if applied for a passport.
2.              Proof of Birth: Self, spouse, children
3.              Proof of marriage: Marriage Certificate.
4.              Proof of Education: Diploma/Degree Certificate, mark-sheets, transcripts (Applicant and spouse)
5.              Proof of Experience: All documents like Appointment letter, experience letter & others (Applicant and Spouse)
6.              Current Detailed Resume for self and spouse.
7.              Photographs: Min.6 Photos, size 35x45 matte finish, white background.

Benefits of Permanent Residency
You will get FREE Medical & Education Facilities for you and your family.
You can get Advantage of Unemployment Insurance Benefits.
Travel to many countries On Arrival basis, with citizenship benefits after staying for Consolidated 4 years in 6 years stay.
Earn around $3500, equivalent to INR 2,00,000.00 per person and save 50% every month.
So please contact us immediately to fly to Europe and start upgrading your lifestyle with superb career growth opportunities.

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Welcome To OM International, India's Leading Study Abroad & Immigration VISA Consultancy Company
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