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Canada is located in North America and stretches all the way from the Atlantic to the Pacific, being made up of ten Provinces and three Territories. To the North is the Arctic ocean; Davis Strait on the North East separates it from Greenland, to the East is the Atlantic Ocean; the South is bordered by the United States of America and the West by the Pacific Ocean and Alaska.

A country of outstanding natural beauty, Canada has a wide variety of landscapes: the mountains, the prairies, lakes and rivers with many national and provincial parks to protect the habitats. There are two official languages – English and French – and Montreal in Quebec is the world's largest French-speaking city outside of France. All of the services offered by the Federal Government are in English and French. Almost every product you buy has English and French on the labels and most public services are available in both languages. Outside of Quebec the majority of people speak English; about 18 percent of Canadians are fluently bilingual.
Public education is the responsibility of each Provincial Government and is paid for through taxes. Public education is free and all children are required by law to attend school from the age of 6 years until they are 15 or 16, the majority of students continue until they are 18 and graduate high school with a high school diploma. The main languages of instruction are English and French.
Canada has a public healthcare system; essential medical treatment is available to all Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Although the health care systems are run by the Provincial ministries of health, the Federal Government sets the standards for health care across the country.

Over the past 50 years, Centennial College has transformed itself from a local community college to a worldly institution, with a presence in countries like China, India, South Korea and Brazil.

Centennial college focus has always been on preparing graduates to enter the work force, while teaching our students to be leaders. And worked to build lasting partnerships with local communities, while preparing our graduates to succeed globally.
Locally, it continues to offer industry-recognized full- and part-time programs at four Toronto campuses. Whether in our classrooms, our labs or the community, Centennial student experience the real world before they even graduate. They're job-ready, and that's a fact employers have told us, as more than 94 per cent of those hiring Centennial grades are satisfied or very satisfied with their hires.

As a leader in internationalization, Centennial done extensive work teaching international students. At the same time, they are enabling more Canadian learners to have an international adventure, be it completing a semester in Spain, an internship in South Africa or a Global Citizenship learning experience in the Amazon Basin

Courses and Scholarship Offered
  • - Architectural Technology
  • - Architectural Technology (Fast-Track)
  • - Biomedical Engineering Technology
  • - Biomedical Engineering Technology (Fast-Track)
  •  - Biotechnology - Advanced
  • - Biotechnology - Advanced (Fast-Track)
  • - Computer Systems Technology - Networking
  • - Computer Systems Technology - Networking (Fast-Track)
  • - Electrical Engineering Technology (PTY)
  • - Electrician: Construction and Maintenance - Electrical Engineering Technician
  • - Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology - Automation and Robotics
  • - Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology - Automation and Robotics (Fast-Track)
  • - Electronics Engineering Technology
  • - Electronics Engineering Technology (Fast-Track)
  • - Energy Systems Engineering Technology
  • - Energy Systems Engineering Technology (Fast-rack)
  • - Environmental Technology
  • - Environmental Technology (Fast-Track)
  • - Food Science Technology
  • - Food Science Technology (Fast-Track)
  • - Health Informatics Technology
  • - Health Informatics Technology (Fast-Track)
  • - Mechanical Engineering Technology - Design
  • - Mechanical Engineering Technology - Design (Fast-Track)
  • - Mechanical Engineering Technology - Industrial
  • - Mechanical Engineering Technology - Industrial (Fast-Track)
  • - Software Engineering Technology
  • - Software Engineering Technology (Fast-Track)
  • - Game Programming
  • - Game Programming (Fast-Track)
  • - Courses related Business & Many more...
* Students available for January-December work term
Centennial's Academic Scholarships and Awards are based on academic, artistic, athletic or other abilities, and usually factor in extracurricular activities or community service work. An application is not required for these scholarships. However, only students with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and above are considered for these awards.
English Proficiency

Certificate and Diploma Programs Degree and Diploma Programs Other Programs
550 Paper-based
80+ minimums of 20 for the Internet-based test
560 Paper-based
84+ minimums of 21 for the Internet-based test
580 Paper-based
88+ minimums of 22 for the Internet based test

6.0 with no band score less than 5.5
6.5 with no band score less than 6.0
6.5 with no band score less than
 6.0.Additional English language communications clinic sessions
will be required and assigned for any single band score area below 6.5
Pearson Test of English (Academic)
Cambridge English Exams: Proficiency (CPE), Advanced (CAE), First (FCE)

After Completing Graduation
I graduated in April and consider myself ready to hit the job market, thanks to the career skills that were also taught in Marketing.
“I received a lot of tips on improving my resume, increasing my chances of landing an interview,” “They also offered me tips and guidance about the interview process, which helped reduce the anxiety and stress that, comes with the job search.” In fact, I consider those skills important to anyone looking to get their career moving.
“Perseverance is important!” “It's easy to lose hope or get discouraged while looking for a job, but the process does take time. It's important to apply to many places and put effort into each application. Cater your resume and cover letter to each of the job descriptions and apply with serious intent. Follow up on your application. Always keep networking and talking to people. Find a mentor in your field and take their advice and criticism positively.”

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