What is Canada PR meaning?Please visit OM INTERNATIONAL to know more!!!!

 What is Canada PR meaning?Please visit OM INTERNATIONAL to know more!!!!

It is a visa that allows someone to live and work in Canada indefinitely. There are several pros of having it, including being able to access certain government services, owning property in Canada, and becoming a citizen of Canada if you meet certain requirements.

Some of the most common reasons people apply for it are to be closer to family or to start a new business in Canada. It also opens up many opportunities for employment and education in Canada.

Becoming a Canadian citizen is an option for those who have been living in Canada for five years or more, have paid taxes in Canada continuously for at least three of those years, and demonstrate good character. You can enjoy many of the same rights and privileges as full-time residents, including voting in federal and provincial elections.


6 Major Benefits Of Canada Permanent Residency for Indian:

If you are thinking of immigrating to Canada, permanent residency may be the right path for you. Permanent residents enjoy several benefits, both cultural and economic, that make living in Canada an attractive option. For example, the healthcare facilities available to permanent residents are a major contributing factor in luring skilled foreigners. In 2018, citizens in India received 42 percent of all ITA invitations to apply for immigration under Express Entry – that’s nearly 40,000 ITA invitations for Indian workers and their families.

So, let us discuss what are the major advantages that you can enjoy if you move to Canada:


1. Live And Work Anywhere in Canada:



If you are an Indian citizen or permanent resident, you have the opportunity to live and work anywhere in Canada. You do not need a passport to live or work in Canada, and you can stay as long as you like. When it comes to living and working in Canada. From stunning wilderness areas to bustling metropolises, you can find a place that fits your needs and meets your lifestyle. Moreover, one with enough work permit can qualify for a retirement pension.

Here are five reasons why Canadian PR is one of the best options for settling:

Your business can be successful anywhere in Canada thanks to the country’s diverse economy and population

The cost of doing business in Canada is low, making it an affordable option for startup businesses

People are well-educated and experienced, meaning your message will be delivered accurately and quickly

You can count on strong brand protection laws to help keep your brand safe from infringement

There is a wealth of opportunities available for professionals, from public relations advice to helping companies expand into new markets

2. Access To Universal Healthcare and Social Services


Permanent residents have access to the same universal healthcare and social services as the citizens. This means that they can receive treatment for any health issue, no matter how small. They are also able to receive government assistance in case of an emergency, and many employers offer maternity leave and vacation time. Permanent residents also have the right to vote in federal and provincial elections and to apply for citizenship after living in Canada for a certain amount of time.


3. Free Education for Children


Permanent residents have access to free education for their children, regardless of where they live in Canada. It is a great benefit for parents living in Canada and having children living in India. Canadian Government counts India as a foreign country to provide free education to Canadian children, which means that one can send their children to schools in India without paying tuition or other school fees, which reduces their anxiety about added living costs. It is an essential benefit for Indian parents who want their children to have an opportunity to learn in a quality environment. In addition, children who are Canadian permanent residents can receive financial assistance from the government if they need it. This makes the Canadian Permanent Residency an especially valuable option for families who want to keep their children well-educated.


4. Sponsor Your Spouse and Children


Sponsorship is a great way to support your loved one’s new life in Canada. It allows them to be closer to you, gives them safety and stability, and helps them learn more about the culture. Sponsorship also makes it easier for your loved ones to get a new job and establish themselves in Canada.

Moreover, sponsoring an immigrant in Canada can be beneficial for both the sponsor and the sponsored. The sponsored spouse and their children can move to Canada as permanent residents, which means they have the same rights and privileges as citizens.



5. Freedom To Start a Business


You have the freedom to start a business in India. You will enjoy the same luxury as a full Canadian citizen, including access to government services and protection from discrimination. You will also be able to live and work in India indefinitely without needing a visa. 

6.Safe & Secure Environment


Permanent residents enjoy numerous concessions once they settle in the country. Some of them includes protection from deportation, access to government-funded education and health care, and the ability to live and work anywhere in Canada. Furthermore, Canada has a safety index of 56.37 which is more than India as of mid-2022 and even though there is an increase in the crime rate, the government ensures a secure environment for all its citizens. It makes it one of the safest countries in the world. Additionally, its citizens enjoy the freedom of expression and freedom from terrorism threats and as a Canadian citizen, you will be protected by law from any discrimination that may occur in your community.



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