Why Study In Australia?Please visit OM INTERNATIONAL to know more !!!!

 Why Study In Australia?Please visit OM INTERNATIONAL to know more !!!!

Australia is one of the best places for higher studies, and the country attracts thousands of students each year from all over the world. Australian universities provide world-class education, are recognized globally, and research is considered one of the key components of any graduate course. The universities support students who come up with the best research ideas, and scholarships are provided according to the research work. Here are also some other reasons to study in Australia:

· Affordable Education

· Innovative and Abundant Research Opportunities

· Immigration Possibilities

· Exciting Campus Lifestyle

· Healthy and Safe Communities

· Work and internship opportunities for international students while they study.

Eligibility Criteria For Australia

Educational Qualification

· The minimum eligibility criteria to graduate is you have to score at least 60% from a UGC or AICTE-recognized university.

Year Back

· The graduation degree has to be completed within the stipulated time with no gap year.

· Example: B.Com is a 3-year degree. The client should have completed it within 3 years and not more.

· Example: Engineering is a 4-year degree. The client should have completed within 4 years and not more.

· Studying in Australia is definitely a dream come true with the increasing job opportunities and industries coming up there. The government is in on the action too! It provides various benefits for international students that attract a huge crowd worldwide, including India, to get quality education.

The lifestyle is pretty great too! Australia offers a high-quality lifestyle that matches all cultures and places while providing world-leading educational institutions that offer training facilities while simultaneously allowing part-time work opportunities. This is not something that India is known for. In addition, many degrees and vocational courses in Australia offer work experience programs and internships for Indian students that impart real-world knowledge. So it’s an enticing trip across the pond. Just that this pond is downwards.

Australia Visa 500, also known as subclass 500, is the Australia Student Visa from India that grants permission to travel to Australia on a study or training basis. It allows a stay of up to 5 years per candidate. This student visa in Australia costs approximately AUD 650.

The processing time for Australian student visas varies due to several factors. This visa allows you to participate in any training or degree course of study in Australia for which the candidate is found eligible. So work hard on your college applications first. With this visa, you can have your family members tag along as well! Moreover, you can apply for a visa online in or outside Australia. You can even work unlimited hours in any sector with some student visa conditions in Australia that you will need to fulfil.

To ensure a smooth Australia student visa processing time, here are some factors you must consider:

1. To be eligible for the student visa under subclass 500, you must be enrolled in the course of study in Australia or have a letter of application approval

2. You must have an overseas student health cover (OSHC) unless you are in one of the exemption categories

3. You must be 6 years or older than that to get approval 

4. If you are under 18 years, they are responsible for providing welfare arrangements

5. Check if you are eligible for visa 500 Australia

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