Why would I choose Finland for higher study ??Please visit OM INTERNATIONAL to know more benefits !!!!

 Why would I choose Finland for higher  study ??

Ø Finland is currently looking for tech-management talent and data analysts so this is a lucrative MBA program; it’s in Helsinki so more jobs /opportunities.

Ø This is by far the fastest country to issue PR to Indian natives; within 4 years including the year of study.

Ø Finland is a BOOMING economy; with its per capita GDP @53,654 USD; 20,000 USD more than European average; The US stands at -65K and India @ 2256 USD.

Ø PSW visa will be 2years; with an extension of 1 additional year, they can get a Finnish PR.

Ø Part time work limit is 30 hours/week ; Unrestricted work hours for spouse (BTW ,Finland grants Spouse visa from the beginning).

Ø The living costs are 6720 EUR.

According to recent data, the largest number of foreigners entering Finland was registered in 2016, when 34,905 people were registered. In the past few years, fewer migrants arrived, as it follows:


· In 2018, the number dropped to 31,106 migrants.

· In 2019, there were 32,758 foreign citizens coming to Finland.

· In 2020, a slight increase in migration numbers was registered with 32,898 persons entering Finland.

Finland provides numerous excellent employment options. Even though it can be challenging to get into the job market, if you have the necessary credentials and experience, it won't be tough for you to land a position. In addition to being among the happiest countries in the world, Finland is also among the safest.  Dual citizenship is recognized in Finland, so you are permitted to be a citizen of both Finland and another nation. The Finnish government will see you as a citizen both inside and outside of Finland if you also hold another nationality.


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