Why Study in Canada in 2024? Please visit OM INTERNATIONAL to know more !!!!

Why Study in Canada in 2024? Please visit OM INTERNATIONAL to know more !!!!

International students are attracted to the great quality of education that Canadian universities offer, the relatively lower cost of living, availability of better opportunities post studies, liberal government policies, and the multicultural environment of Canada. However, these are not the only reasons for studying in Canada.

Here’s a detailed look at the top reasons why Canada is the perfect global destination for international students.

Countries such as the U.S, Australia, Germany, and U.K have some of the most prestigious universities globally. As an international student with so many options to choose from, why choose Canada for study? Today, we have created a comprehensive guide to help one understand why Canada is one of the best global education destinations.

Canadian universities have been frequently listed among the top-ranking universities globally. These universities have become so widely acclaimed that international students have now been trying their best to get accepted into one. The Canadian government has actively been trying to improve the number of international students who study at Canadian universities.

There are quite a few reasons why Canada should be on an international student’s list of top global ed destinations. Let’s take a look at the top 10 reasons for the same.

The duration and mode of these programs can be chosen based on the candidate’s requirements. These programs are focused on providing students with the necessary skills to be industry-ready and a platform for them to focus on their interests.

QS world university rankings curates a list of the top-ranking universities of the world every year and in 2024, a number of Canadian institutions feature amongst the top 250 universities globally. Some of the top-ranking Canadian universities in the world include –


Canadian universities offer programs across a wide variety of subjects and specializations including engineering, medicine, management, agriculture, finance, economics, sports, arts, science, and others. Canada’s obsession with high-quality education ensures that students enjoy great career prospects!

Canadian education is globally competitive and a degree from one of the universities is internationally recognized. The education system also encourages students to pursue multidisciplinary studies, while providing the best technological means to pursue a world-class education.

Canada is also known to be one of the best global ed destinations for programs related to business and management. Canadian B-schools produce some of the finest management professionals in the world and these graduates enjoy huge success in the job market.


Better job opportunities post studies

International students who study in Canadian universities and institutions can learn a lot about the country and its culture. Most graduates find employment in Canada within less than three months after graduating from their courses.

Post-Graduation Work Permits (PGWPs) are issued to international students to work in Canada post their studies for any employer. PGWPs ensure that international students get ample opportunities to obtain the necessary work experience and permission to stay back in Canada as permanent residents.


The Canadian student visa also permits you to work during the course of your study. You can be employed for a maximum of 20 hours a week during your study term. However, due to a significant increase in the number of international students in some Canadian cities, there is severe competition for some of these part-time jobs. Therefore, it is better to find paid roles within the university, such as a TA, RA or any other administrative options, that will help you pay for your life in Canada.


High quality of life and education

Canada is known to be highly tolerant of immigrants. It is a safe and peaceful country for students to experience. According to U.S. News, Canada ranks 3rd in the global quality of life ranking. International students have just as many rights as Canadian citizens, making it a safe haven for people from all over the world.

The country leaves no stone unturned to ensure that its citizens enjoy a high standard of living. Access to quality education, healthcare, basic amenities, and cleaner air and water among others are assured to all. Notably, Canada also has a very stable economy, making it one of the best countries on the planet for those looking to start their professional careers.

Canadian universities provide the best possible support to international students to make them feel comfortable. Students have easy access to helplines that are dedicated to solving issues, both academic as well as personal.

International students who are studying in Canadian universities need to apply for health insurance in order to have access to medical services. Students with valid study permits are eligible for a primary health care card.

Cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, Montréal, and Victoria are considered to be some of the best educational hubs in Canada. Although there has been some news of housing scams in recent times where groups of students were made to share accommodation, they have been limited to small pockets of predatory landlords. With proper research and budgeting, these cities are known to offer a higher quality of life at affordable costs when compared to cities from other countries such as the U.S.A., the U.K., or Australia.


Lower living expenses

Canada is affordable to international students from all walks of life. A decade ago, studying abroad was limited to those students who came from affluent families. However, Canada’s low cost of living and the rather cheap tuition fees when compared to other countries’ universities has made it the number one choice for higher education.

Students can apply for a variety of scholarships to fund their studies and can also work a specified number of hours per week to support themselves while they are still part of a university program.

 Multicultural environment

Canada’s diverse cultures and cosmopolitan environment ensure that its status as one of the most hospitable countries in the world gets cemented. The country ensures that different traditions are preserved and that the people are respected for their cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

One can also be a part of several cultural and sporting events including the NHL seasons, the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, La Poutine Week, Winterlude, Folklorama, and the Calgary stampede, among others.


Canada’s focus on research and development

Most Canadian universities offer programs that also have a lot of focus on research. Students get to be involved in academic and scientific research opportunities and can engage in various activities that can provide a well-rounded academic experience.

Canadian universities are also hotbeds for breakthrough research that has been bringing about positive change in the world. Canada’s pioneering research has resulted in significant academic progress as well, including the well-known “SchoolNet” program.

Moreover, the Government of Canada has been actively involved in funding research activities that can benefit society. With opportunities created for doctoral students or academic researchers to get in touch with the government, businesses, or even industry resources, Canada ensures that the quality of research never takes a hit.


 Smooth admission processes

Canadian universities are easier to get into when compared to their counterparts from the U.S.A. Moreover, it offers a wider variety of programs along with options to pursue multidisciplinary programs compared to other countries.

Generally, Canadian universities do not require students to appear for separate entrance tests to be eligible for admissions. Canada considers the academic performance of students in high school (for undergraduate programs) rather than their performance on tests such as SAT or ACT. Australia and the U.K. have eligibility criteria similar to that of Canada.

Canadian student visas are easier to obtain than visas from other countries since Canada has been welcoming international students to explore its academic options and tend to have better acceptance rates.


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