How to Apply for Australia PR from India?Please visit OM INTERNATIONAL to know more!!!!!

How to Apply for Australia PR from India?Please visit OM INTERNATIONAL to know more!!!!! 

Australia has become a popular destination for leading a high-quality life for several individuals. So, people often wonder how to get PR in Australia for permanent settlement. In this regard, one can only get it if they have stayed in the country for four years. This is why they need an Australian PR Visa. We have discussed it in detail in the following sections.

Australia is an exciting country to live and work, settle in. Australia offers you excellent opportunities to make your next career move and enjoy an unbeatable lifestyle that offers you more.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria?

According to Australia's PR eligibility criteria, you must fulfil the following requirements:

Ø Minimum points: You need to have a minimum of 65 points under Point's Grid.

Ø Language proficiency: Applicants must have a good hold in English.

Ø Age: You should be younger than 45 years to be eligible for Australian citizenship.

Ø Skills assessment: The officials will run a skill assessment based on work and education experience.

Ø Nominated occupation: Make sure your occupation is listed under Australia's Demand List.

Ø Medical status: Lastly, you must have good health and character status.


Australia PR Process

The process of obtaining permanent residency (PR) in Australia typically involves the following steps:


1) Determine eligibility:

Before applying for Australia PR process. You must make sure that you are meeting eligibility criteria for an Australian PR. Some of the factors considered include age, English language proficiency, occupation, work experience, education, and health.


2) Choose the right visa:

Select an appropriate visa subclass that suits your circumstances, such as the Skilled Independent visa (Subclass 189), Skilled Nominated visa (Subclass 190), or Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491).


3) Prepare documentation:

Gather the required documentation, including educational qualifications, work experience certificates, language test results, and police clearance certificates.


4) Apply for Skill assessment:

In the Australia PR process, Skill Assessment is the first step where relevant Skill assessing Authority assess an individual's qualifications, skills, and work experience to determine their suitability for a particular occupation or profession. The purpose of the skill assessment is to ensure that an individual has the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their job effectively and safely.


5) Lodge your Express of Interest (EOI) application:

EOI stands for Expression of Interest, and it is an online application that allows Foreign skilled workers who are interested in migrating to Australia to express their interest in applying for a skilled visa. Here the applicant profile will be ranked against their age, qualification, Experience, and Language proficiency.


6) Received Invitation to Apply:

After submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) for a permanent residency visa in Australia, the next step would be to assess your application and determine if you meet the eligibility criteria for the visa subclass you have applied for. If your EOI is selected from the pool, you will receive an invitation to apply (ITA) for a permanent residency visa. You will then have a specified time to submit a complete visa application, along with all required supporting documentation. You also need to pay a visa application fee and provide health & character information.

7) Wait for processing:

Once your application is lodged, the processing time may vary depending on the visa subclass and your individual circumstances. You can track the status of your application online.



8) Receive a decision:

Once your application has been processed, you will receive a decision from the Department of Home Affairs Australia. If your application is successful, you will receive your PR visa.


Benefits Of an Australia PR Visa


Ø A PR visa holder can enjoy complete freedom to follow the study course he or she prefers.

Ø As a PR visa holder, one can live and work in Australia for an indefinite period with the facility to travel unlimited within and outside Australia.

Ø A PR visa holder can enjoy the privileges of Australian Government's health insurance.

Ø A PR visa holder is eligible to apply for the Australian citizenship once the necessary criteria are met.

Ø A PR visa holder has freedom to sponsor his or her family member's visa, which can be either temporary or permanent.

Ø A PR visa holder can avail themselves of some social security payment benefits as well.

Ø A PR visa holder has all the rights to work for any employment under any employer.

Ø A PR visa holder also has the freedom to travel to New Zealand or apply for their visa.


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