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About Netherlands: The name Netherlands literally meaning "Lower Countries" came about due to its low land and flat geography with only about 50% of its land exceeding one meter above the sea level.  Most of the areas are below sea level and are man-made. Since the late 16th century, large areas (polders) have been reclaimed from the sea and lakes, amounting to nearly 17% of the country's current land mass. The Netherlands covers around 41,000 square kilometers and has a population of about 16 million. With a rich cultural heritage, the country has been home to many of history’s most famous names in the areas of Art, Literature, Philosophy and Science. It also has a long history of international trade, having forged links with countries around the world, bringing together knowledge, skills, business and ideas. The Netherlands consists of twelve provinces of which two of the provinces North Netherlands and South Netherlands are the most densely populated and encompass the popular cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague.

About the University: Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences was established in 1987 and is situated in Apeldoorn. With a focus on 5 key themes, “Management, Internationalization, Diversity, Sustainability, & Innovation”, Wittenborg is one of the fastest growing independent international University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. With around 500 students from more than 70 different countries studying on its Bachelor and Master programs in two schools, the School of Business and the School of Hospitality & Tourism. Wittenborg is determined to provide cross-discipline and applied-science education to assure its graduates are more suited for the future job market, within an international context. With a clearly defined mission and philosophy, Wittenborg University offers excellent education in business studies to students from the Netherlands, Europe, and around the world, ranging from school leavers to people with professional experience and previous study qualifications. Its developing research centre, focusing on the 5 key themes of Wittenborg University enables applied research to be embedded throughout its programs.
Advantages of studying in Netherlands : 
Ø  Quality education in safe and modern environment.
Ø  English taught courses.
Ø  Schengen VISA.
Ø  International students are allowed to work 20 hours per week.
Ø  Post study work VISA of 1 year.
Ø  Internship opportunities available.
Programs offered:
Bachelors of -
Ø  BA (Hons) International Hospitality Management (3 Years)
Ø  IBA (Bachelor) Marketing & Communication (3-4 Years)
Ø  IBA (Bachelor) Information Management (3-4 Years)
Ø  IBA (Bachelor) Event Management (3-4 Years)
Ø  IBA (Bachelor) International Trade & Logistics (3-4 Years)
Ø  IBA (Bachelor) International Tourism (3-4 Years)
Ø  IBA (Bachelor) Real Estate Management (3-4 Years)
Ø  IBA (Bachelor) Economics & Management (3-4 Years)
Ø  Bachelor Hospitality Management (Double Degree) (3-4 Years)
Ø  IBA (Bachelor) Financial Services Management (3-4 Years)
Ø  IBA (Bachelor) Entrepreneurship & Small Business (3-4 Years)
Ø  Top-up (Bachelor) Financial Services Management (1-2 Years)
Ø  Top-up (Bachelor) Real Estate Management (1-2 Years)
Ø  Top-up (Bachelor) Economics & Management (1-2 Years)
Ø  Top-up (Bachelor) Marketing & Communication (1-2 Years)
Ø  Top-up (Bachelor) Hospitality Management (1-2 Years)
Ø  Top-up (Bachelor IBA) International Tourism (1-2 Years)
Ø  Top-up (Bachelor) International Trade & Logistics (1-2 Years)
Ø  Top-up (Bachelor) Information Management (1-2 Years)
Ø  Top-up IBA Entrepreneurship & Small Business (1-2 Years)

Tuition Fees                                                   :    Euros 7500 (Rs. 5,62,500 approx.) per year
Intake                                                             :    October
Currency Conversion                                     :   1 Euro = Rs. 75 Approx.
Application Deadline                                     :   15th July

Ø  BA (Hons) International Hospitality Management – Euro BA

Tuition Fees                                                     Euros 9800 (Rs. 7,35,000 approx.) per year
Duration                                                          :  3 Years
Intake                                                              : October
Currency Conversion                                      :   1 Euro = Rs. 75 Approx.
Application Deadline                                      :   15th July

Masters of –
Ø  MBA - Master of Business Administration

Tuition Fees                                                     : Euros 7150 (Rs.5,36,250 approx.) per year, Total Fee Euros 14300 (Rs.10,72,500 approx.) for full program
Duration                                                          :  1 – 2 Years
Intake                                                             :  October
Currency Conversion                                      : 1 Euro = Rs. 75 Approx.
Application Deadline                                      :  15th July

Ø  Master International Tourism Management
Ø  Master International Hospitality Management
Ø  Master International Event Management 

Tuition Fees                                                       Euros 12600 (Rs.9,45,000 approx.) for full program
Duration                                                            :  1 year
Intake                                                                :  October
Currency Conversion                                        :  1 Euro = Rs. 75 Approx.
Application Deadline                                        :   15th July

Pre-Master programs –

Ø  Pre-Master / Master of Science Combination

Tuition Fees                                                     : Total Fee Euros 14300 (Rs.10,72,500 approx.) for full program
Duration                                                           : 1.5 years
Intake                                                               : October
Currency Conversion                                       : 1 Euro = Rs. 75 Approx.
Application Deadline                                       : 15th July

Documents Required for Applying:
Ø  Updated CV
Ø  Statement of Purpose (SOP)
Ø  Two Letters of Recommendation
Ø  10th & 12th std. mark-sheets
Ø  Semester-wise mark-sheets of Bachelor’s Degree/ Transcripts
Ø  Degree Certificate or Provisional Degree Certificate
Ø  IELTS Score card for Bachelor courses
Ø  IELTS / GMAT Score card for Master courses
Ø  Passport Copy – First and Last Page
Ø  Work Experience certificate (if applicable)

Submit all your Educational documents with Passport and Resume to process your application to /
Call : 9227656616/06 for more details.

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