University of Pécs, Hungary

The history of higher education in Pécs dates back to 1367, when Louis the Great initiated the establishment of a university in the episcopal city of Pécs. As a result of an integration process of several stages, the University of Pécs was founded, which has become one of the most famous, prestigious institutions having a leading role in regional education. It has ten faculties which cover the full spectrum of high-quality higher education.



·         Founded around 650 years ago

·         One of the oldest universities

·         10 Major faculties, subdivided into departments

·         Follows the Bologna process since 2005 – more than 10 years.


Facts & Figures:

·         Number of students                             - 20,000

·         Number of International students         - 3000. International students from over 100 different countries

·         Number of Academic staff                    - 2200

·         Number of Employees                          - 6300

·         Number of university hospitals             - 24.  The University of Pécs Clinical Centre is one of the largest                 health care providers in Hungary.

·         The University of Pécs is one of the leading research universities in the country.



1.     Faculty of Law

2.     Medical School

3.     Faculty of Humanities

4.     Faculty of Health Sciences

5.     Faculty of Pharmacy

6.     Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Education and Regional Development

7.     Faculty of Business and Economics

8.     Faculty of Music and Visual Arts

9.     Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

10.  Faculty of Sciences


Major courses

·         Bachelors in Nursing

·         Bachelors in Physiotherapy

·         Masters in Nursing

·         Medicines – 5 years program

·         Bachelors in Dentistry

·         Bachelors in Business Management

·         Masters in Applied Management


Fees Structure

Fees structure varies from programs to programs. Below is the range of fees for certain programs available in UP


Bachelors (BA/ B Sc) - 1600 – 2750 Euros per semester

Masters (MA/ M Sc) - 1500 – 5500 Euros per semester

Medical programs    - 4700 – 7900 Euros per semester

Preparatory Course- 4200 – 9300 Euros per program



University of Pécs offers scholarships. Students from India can apply for Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Program. The scholarship covers 

1. Tuition Free Education

2. Monthly Stipend

3. Reduced Accommodation charges

4. Medical Insurance



·         Located close to campuses

·         Easy reach to the city centre

·         Cost of dormitory approx. 110 EUR/month

          Utility cost per month: approx. 65-200 EUR

                  Submit all your Educational documents with Passport  and Resume to                                                             process your application to /
         Call : 9227656616/10/06/09 for more details

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