Study in Ireland at University College Dublin (UCD)

Study in Ireland at University College Dublin (UCD)

Postgraduate scholarship deadline: February 28th 2017
100% V.V Giri Scholarship and 50% Global Excellence Scholarships

Undergraduate scholarship deadline: March 31st 2017
100% & 50% Global Excellence Scholarships

University College Dublin (UCD)
Largest University in Ireland
Largest Urban Campus in entire Europe: 350 acres in Dublin city
Top 1% 'World' University
Founded in 1854
Over a quarter of all graduate students in Ireland study at UCD
UCD's Business School is No. 1 in Ireland, in top 20 in Europe, in top 100 in the World

Study in Ireland: Advantages
One year Masters and One year Work Permit
World's friendliest country (Lonely Planet)
100% English Speaking
Students can work part-time during course

Studying in DUBLIN
Dublin: voted 8th in QS Best Student Cities in the World 2012 rankings
Dublin: UNESCO City of Literature
Dublin: one of Europe's oldest cities
Dublin: has the youngest population in Europe with over 30% under 30

List of Masters programmes:
LLM Criminology & Criminal Justice FT (B292)
LLM European Law & Public Affairs FT (B300)
LLM General FT (B294)
LLM Intellectual Property & Information Technology FT (B296)
LLM International Commercial Law FT (B453)
LLM International Human Rights FT (B440)
MA Creative Writing FT (Z012)
MA Cultural Policy & Arts Management FT (Z041)
MA Directing for Theatre FT (Z013)
MA Economics FT (W026)
MA Education FT (W027)
MA Educational Psychology FT (W094)
MA Film Studies FT (Z032)
MA Geopolitics & the Global Economy FT (W262)
MA International Development FT (W301)
MA International Political Economy FT (W290)
MA International Relations FT (W235)
MA Mathematics FT (F081)
MA Media & International Conflict FT (Z137)
MA Politics FT (W023)
MA Statistics FT (F043)
MArchSc Conservation & Heritage FT (T280)
MArchSc Landscape Studies FT (T296)
MArchSc Sustainable Building Design & Performance FT (T281)
MArchSc Urban Design FT (T282)

MBA FT (B009) (requires at least 3 years experience)

ME Biomedical Engineering FT (T160)
ME Biosystems Engineering FT (T268)
ME Electrical Energy Engineering FT (T274)
ME Electronic and Computer Engineering FT (T163)
ME Energy Systems Engineering FT (T164)
ME Engineering with Business FT (T166)
ME Materials Science & Engineering FT (T275)
ME Mechanical Engineering FT (T165)
MEconSc European Public Affairs & Law FT (W216)
MEngSc Biopharmaceutical Engineering FT (T070)
MEngSc Chemical Engineering FT (T218)
MEngSc Electronic & Computer Engineering FT (T257)
MEngSc Engineering Management FT (T288)
MEngSc Food Engineering FT (X082)
MEngSc Materials Science and Engineering FT (T286)
MEngSc Structural Engineering FT (T279)
MEngSc Water, Waste & Environmental Engineering FT (T277)
MFA Creative Writing FT (Z197)
MMus FT (Z045)
MPH (International Health) FT (X498)
MPH (Nutrition) FT (X299)
MPH FT (X065)
MRUP FT (W032)
MSc Actuarial Science FT (F034)
MSc Applied Equine Science FT (D036)
MSc Biotechnology & Business FT (X447)
MSc Biotechnology FT (X439)
MSc Business Analytics FT (B154)
MSc Chemistry (Negotiated Learning) FT (F042)
MSc Children & Youth Studies FT (W242)
MSc Coaching & Exercise Science FT (X608)
MSc Cognitive Science FT (T023)
MSc Computed Tomography FT (X075)
MSc Computer Science (Negotiated Learning) FT (T150)
MSc Connected Health FT (X655)
MSc Criminology & Criminal Justice FT (B220)
MSc Data Analytics PT (F084)
MSc Digital Investigation & Forensic Computing FT (F020)
MSc Digital Marketing FT (B424)
MSc Energy & Environmental Finance FT (B386)
MSc Environmental Policy FT (W269)
MSc Environmental Science FT (X062)
MSc Environmental Technology FT (X565)
MSc Equality Studies FT (W105)
MSc Evolutionary Biology FT (X418)
MSc Finance FT (B269)
MSc Food Business Strategy FT (D042)
MSc Food Safety & Risk Analysis FT (X585)
MSc Food, Nutrition & Health PT (X436)
MSc Forensic Computing and Cybercrime Investigation Sept FT (T146)
MSc Global Change: Ecosystem Science & Policy FT (F038)
MSc Human Resources FT (B265)
MSc Human Rights FT (W035)
MSc Humanitarian Action FT (X438)
MSc IBusiness - Innovation Through ICT FT (B316)
MSc Imaging & Microscopy FT (X415)
MSc Information Systems FT (W267)
MSc International Business FT (B263)
MSc International Development FT (W303)
MSc International Law & Business FT (B438)
MSc International Management FT (B033)
MSc International Political Economy FT (W293)
MSc International Relations FT (W036)
MSc Magnetic Resonance Imaging FT (X076)
MSc Mammography FT (X136)
MSc Management Consultancy FT (B261)
MSc Management FT (B429)
MSc Marketing FT (B259)
MSc Marketing Practice FT (B025)
MSc Mathematical Science FT (T017)
MSc Mathematics FT (T018)
MSc NanoBio Science FT (T149)
MSc Nationalism & Ethnic Conflict FT (W184)
MSc Petroleum Geoscience FT (F056)
MSc Physics (Negotiated Learning) FT (F012)
MSc Physiotherapy (Pre-registration) FT (X543)
MSc Plant Biology & Biotechnology FT (F080)
MSc Politics FT (W233)
MSc Project Management FT (B257)
MSc Quantitative Finance FT (B158)
MSc Sport & Exercise Management (Exercise Management) FT (X510)
MSc Sport & Exercise Management (Golf Management) FT (X514)
MSc Sport & Exercise Management (Rugby Management) FT (X512)
MSc Sport & Exercise Management (Sport Management) FT (X508)
MSc Statistics FT (T020)
MSc Strategic Management & Planning FT (B255)
MSc Strategic Management Accounting FT (B410)
MSc Supply Chain Management FT (B253)
MSc Sustainable Energy & Crops FT (X660)
MSc Wildlife & Conservation Management FT (D027)
MSc World Heritage Management & Conservation FT (F098)
MSc(Agr) Environmental Resource Management FT (X089)
MSc(Agr) Sustainable Agriculture & Rural Development FT (X376)
MSocSc Crime, Violence & Conflict FT (W295)
MSocSc Cultural Sociology FT (W297)
MSocSc Global Migration & Cultural Differences FT (W282)
MSocSc Social Work FT (W174)
Master Landscape Architecture FT (X051)
Master of Architecture (T273)
Master of Psychological Science FT (W241)
Master of Public Policy (W279)

The Masters in International Management is the CEMS Masters which is run by some of the best Universities (top-ranked) in the world eg. UCD in Ireland, LSE in the UK, U of Sydney in Australia, IIM Calcutta in India, ESADE in Spain, Ivey in Canada, NUS in Singapore, St Gallen in Switzerland.

Submit all your Educational documents with Passport                        and Resume to process your application to /


               Call : 9227656616/10/06/09 for more details

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